3 - increased human trafficking and child exploitation

-"Experience in countries with either legalized or regulated prostitution shows that trafficking and sex tourism increase dramatically in those countries.”
(Nordic and Baltic Women’s Organizations in Cooperation)

-“Without equivocation, the investigators can confirm that the presence of pre-existing adult prostitution markets contributes measurably to the creation of secondary sexual markets in which children are sexually exploited. Indeed, in every community we visited in which a substantial adult prostitution markets exists--Chicago, Honolulu, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco--we also found substantial numbers of young people being sexually exploited . . . Despite the advocacy efforts of some groups in the U.S., we find no support for the legalization of prostitution in the U.S., especially given the relationship that we can confirm to exist between adult and juvenile sexual exploitation."
R.J. Estes and N.A. Weiner, " The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Philadelphia," PA: University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Work, Center for the Study of Youth Policy, 2002. http://www.sp2.upenn.edu/~restes/CSEC_Files/Complete_CSEC_020220.pdf

-"The Netherlands is a primary country of destination for victims of human trafficking. ...Estimates of the number of victims vary from 1000 to 7000 on a yearly basis."
van Dijk, Essy. Mensenhandel in Nederland 1997-2000 http://www.politie.nl/Nieuws/Images/32_6540.pdf]

-"...worldwide where prostitution is legalised, sexual slavery increases. This is not difficult to understand. Legalisation legitimises prostitution. Despite the fact that most efforts to regulate prostitution come from a desire to limit the industry and protect women within it, the fact is that sex industry entrepreneurs always have more power than the women in it.
Kathleen Maltzhan, "Where to now?", The Brisbane Institute Combating trafficking in women, http://www.mercyworld.org/projects/mijn/pdfs/2006/asia-pacific_news13.pdf

-"Traffickers recognize the legal climate in Germany is permissive and makes it easier for them to operate as legitimate businessmen. ...who make billions of euros off the bodies of women and children."
Janice G. Raymond, The Consequences of Legal Policy on Prostitution and Trafficking in Women, Budapest, Hungary, May 28, 2004